Additions & Full Home Remodeling

Remodeling your home can be a long and painful experience if you choose the wrong contractor. We know you want a clear contract and schedule that you can trust so we’ll give you a detailed estimate and timeline with beginning and ending dates.  We pride ourselves in providing our clients with unmatched service and professionalism. We maintain clear and open communication throughout the remodeling process to keep you informed of the project as it progresses.

Our Standard Addition and Remodeling Process

Bacon Court exterior

Generally, each addition or home remodel job follows these basic steps:

  1. First, we meet with you to review plans, determine budget, and estimate a timeline for the remodel. If you don’t yet have architectural plans, we can recommend talented designers and architects to get functional plans in place. *
  2. Next, we’ll offer you an estimate of the project. Upon approval you’ll sign a contract to hold a start date for your remodel.
  3. Demolition begins. Hendsch construction works jointly with a demolition contractor to clear the space and prepare for reconstruction. We commit to maintaining a clean, safe construction site where debris, materials and tools are contained in a discreet location at the end of each work day.
  4. After demolition, walls are framed or altered and electrical and plumbing systems are installed. New windows and doors will also be installed at this time.
  5. Next comes the insulation, sheet rock, and finishing of walls and ceilings.
  6. Finishing surfaces, such as painting and tile comes next.
  7. Finish details are added at the end, such as trim around windows, electrical devices, and lighting and plumbing fixtures.

* There are many design, material, and style decisions that must be made before a remodel. Greg can work with you and your designer in choosing the proper materials for your home. Check out the Client Resources section of our website for information on choosing products and access to various manufacturers’ web sites.

What Our Clients Are Saying . . .

Back view

Bacon Court remodel.

“Going through a major home remodel and living in it is no walk in the park, but having a skilled, sensitive contractor makes the journey far more bearable. Greg Hendsch embraced our extensive remodel with enthusiasm and precision. His experience, positive nature, efficiency in work and in communication, and dedication to your project is what you want to have in an individual who will be spending time in your space everyday for weeks or months. Over the four months of our project there was never a wasted day, there was always time for consults and meetings for clarity and explanations, and a consistent professionalism in being kept up-to-date with costs, permits, inspections as well as the inevitable unexpected occurrences. What evolved was a space even more beautiful than we imagined which continues to perform and “wear well” after five years of constant use.  Greg made it happen, and we feel very fortunate that we not only call him “our contractor” but our friend.” –Terry, Lafayette

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

“I’d be happy to give Greg a referral. He worked on an earthquake retrofit of our 1970s addition and did a great job!”

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Large San Pablo Ave Loft unit

One of five loft units.

“I did my first project with Greg in 2003. My husband and I had bought a 3 bedroom craftsman which came with $40,000 worth of foundation damage. Greg and his team lifted the entire building 14 feet off the ground and built a second story beneath the original building. Greg completed the project on time and within budget. I am a real estate developer, and since that project, I have preferred to work with Greg whenever possible. I simply trust his good judgment, intelligence and sense of fairness. During our last project together, we had to earthquake retrofit a 14 unit apartment building – filled with existing tenants – and construct 5 live/work lofts on the ground floor. With every difficult and seemingly impossible decision I had to make, Greg carefully laid out all my options and explained to me the costs and benefits associated with each option. I felt comfortable knowing I was making informed and therefore, wise decisions. Greg is a good man and a great contractor.” –Amy, Oakland

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