Green Building

There are many ways, large and small, to make a difference in our world. Green buildings are designed to meet certain objectives such as protecting occupant health; using energy, water and other resources more efficiently; and reducing the overall impact on the environment. Remodeling your home with an eye toward conservation and the use of sustainable resources and materials can be easy and cost effective over the life of your home. Benefits include increased efficiency, tax credits, rebates, and a long term return on your investment.

Hendsch Construction is an EPA Lead-Safe certified Firm. Greg Hendsch has also been trained and certified as a Build It Green building professional. We are knowledgeable in the field of sustainable building products and can help guide you in your decisions about building materials and products.

To start, some simple, cost-effective steps you can make today include:

Heating and cooling:

  • Choose light colors for roofing and exterior wall finishes for low heat-retention benefit.
  • Install dual pane windows throughout your home.
  • Insulate walls and attic spaces using recycled materials, such as recycled denim batting.
  • Use radiant heat systems when redoing floors.


  • Install point-of-use hot water heating systems
  • Install ultra low-flush toilets, low-flow shower heads, and other water conserving fixtures.
  • Create a rain collection system that connects to your irrigation or toilet flushing system.
  • Design for dual plumbing to use recycled water for toilet flushing.