Kitchen Remodeling

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A new kitchen is an excellent investment. Hendsch Construction has over 20 years in the industry renovating kitchens. Whether you’re planning a full kitchen remodel or a makeover, both projects give you the highest return on your investment out of any remodel jobs you might do on your home.

The Basic Kitchen Remodeling Process

When doing a kitchen remodel, your project might follow these basic steps:

  1. First, we meet with you to review plans, determine budget, and estimate a timeline for the remodel. If you don’t yet have architectural plans, we can recommend talented designers and architects to get functional plans in place. *
  2. Next, we’ll offer you an estimate of the project. Upon approval you’ll sign a contract to hold a start date for your remodel and we’ll begin the permitting process.
  3. If you plan to stay in your home during the remodel, we’ll set up a temporary kitchen for you in a convenient place, such as the garage or basement. We’ll also install any necessary floor, wall and dust protection, to seal off the work area from the rest of the house.
  4. Demolition begins. Hendsch construction works jointly with a demolition contractor to clear the space and prepare for reconstruction. We commit to maintaining a clean, safe construction site where debris, materials and tools are contained in a discreet location at the end of each work day.
  5. After demolition, walls are framed or altered and electrical and plumbing systems are installed. New windows and doors will also be installed at this time.
  6. Next comes the insulation, sheet rock, and finishing of walls and ceilings.
  7. Cabinets and appliances might be added at this time.
  8. Appliances are then hooked up and installed.
  9. Next we’ll install countertops.
  10. Finishing surfaces, such as painting and tile comes next.
  11. Finish details are added at the end, such as trim around windows, electrical devices, and lighting fixtures, drawer and cabinet pulls, and any other hardware.

* There are many design, material, and style decisions that must be made before a remodel. Greg can work with you and your designer in choosing the proper materials for your home. Check out the Client Resources section of our website for information on choosing products and access to various manufacturers’ web sites.

What Our Clients Are Saying . . .

Lafayette kitchen

“We swapped our dining room and kitchen spaces to give us more room for a teaching kitchen that could accommodate 12 hands-on students. We wanted a space that would have all the accoutrements of a professional kitchen without losing the warmth of a home. The project had its share of challenges and mid-course corrections, yet Greg brought to our project the perfect balance of technical expertise and depth of experience. He brought patience, understanding of the materials and their potential, thoughtful listening, and well-considered options to keep costs under control without compromising on quality. Greg took the time to gain a firm understanding of who we are, and respect for the fact that we continued to live in the house throughout this major project.  Our newly remodeled kitchen has become a destination for visiting chefs, for filming a commercial for cooking demonstrations, and our dream kitchen for teaching and family gatherings.”  –Ray P., Bacon Court

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Photo by Steve LaBadessa

“Greg Hendsch redid our kitchen and we couldn’t be happier. Greg and his crew did a fantastic job. We got great results on time and on budget. In addition to redoing all the walls, cabinets, plumbing, electrical, and flooring, he successfully knocked out some closets, moved a few doorways and reconfigured our space to be much more useful and open. He gave great advice about what was worth doing, what wasn’t and how to get the best value out of our money. I expected months without a kitchen but Greg was in and out within 6 weeks.  And he did it all without messing up the rest of the house. The team was very conscientious about keeping the construction as neat and contained as possible. My only regret is that I didn’t call Greg sooner. I love my new kitchen!”     –Linda, Detroit Ave. Oakland

Photo by Amy Perl

We are thrilled with our kitchen/bath remodel by Hendsch Construction.  They have given our 1925 home new life.  The disruption of a remodel was softened by Greg’s friendly, hard working, quality crew.  They became part of our family.  An earmark of Greg’s work is high quality supervision. No time was wasted and cleanup was built in. He’s easy to work with, has a great eye for design, and is a creative problem solver. He’s well acquainted with the Oakland zoning department,familiar with changing building codes and he simply does beautiful work. We’re about to embark on Phase Two of our remodel and wouldn’t think of using any other contractor. –Carolyn and Dave, Rockridge